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Friday, April 27, 2012

Faronic Anti-Executable Enterprise

Advanced Protection from Unauthorized Executables

Faronics Anti-Executable is an easy application control solution that ensures only approved applications are allowed to run.

It offers security beyond anti-virus with protection from today’s advanced threats, unknown malware, and unwanted or malicious applications.

Anti-Executable Enterprise

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Application Control Made Easy
Faronics Anti-Executable ensures only approved applications are allowed to run on a computer. Any other programs – whether malicious, unlicensed or simply unwanted – are blocked form ever executing. Anti-Executable provides advanced security and control against sophisticated threats and unknown malware. Organizations enjoy saving time and money with simplified computer management that offers stronger control and better machine availability, while assisting with compliance.

Security Beyond Anti-Virus
Organizations today need protection against sophisticated unknown threats like 0-day attacks, mutating malware, and advanced persistent threats. Unlike an anti-virus solution that only protects you from known threats, application control means that only approved applications are allowed to run, which prevents unwanted or malicious software from executing on user machines. Faronics Anti-Executable provides the ultimate in-session protection.
Eliminate Reliance on Blacklist Updates
Anti-Virus programs use blacklisting technology to protect against known threats. That means each unique piece of malware needs to be caught and identified before a definition file can be issued and the blacklist can be updated, which has been known to slow user productivity. The explosion of new daily malware means anti-virus is always trying to play catch up, leaving your organization vulnerable for far too long. With application control, only approved applications can run, eliminating your dependence on critical blacklist updates.

Your Compliance Comrade
Compliance authorities are cracking down on organizations for unlicensed software. With data breaches on the rise, regulatory bodies are taking customer privacy seriously with robust compliance policies. Anti-Executable prevents users from installing unauthorized applications, and also helps to meet industry compliance regulations, and offers a hand to accelerate your readiness in case of an audit.

Get More Done in Less Time
Managing your organization’s computers and keeping them safe is a big job. Anti-Executable simplifies IT management by applying standardized configuration using a single pane of glass. Using policy-based groups, IT can customize approved applications for each department using central control effectively balancing security with flexibility. Preventing unauthorized executable files from running also shrinks the volume of IT support tickets, allowing you to shift your focus from fighting fires to strategic projects.

Run Your PC Like a Cheetah
Keep your PC running lighter and faster by preventing unauthorized applications from bogging down your machine. Not only will this help your PC last longer, but it will also reduce network and hardware costs. Faronics Anti-Executable creates a winning formula offering faster performance with fewer support headaches for both employees and IT Departments. Adding an advanced layer of security protection helps everyone win. comments