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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Of course you could place a "TImage" component on your form and set its "Alignment" to "Client" in order to place a background image on your form. Here's another way: 
  1. Add following code to your form's "Public declarations" section:
    bmpBackground : TBitmap;
    Listing #1 : Delphi code. Download code (0.15 KB).
  2. Double click on your form and add bitmap initialization code in the "FormCreate" event:
    bmpBackground := TBitmap.Create;
      LoadFromFile( 'c:windowssetup.bmp' );
    Listing #2 : Delphi code. Download code2 (0.21 KB).
  3. Go to the form's events list and double click on "OnPaint". Add following line to the "FormPaint" event:
    Canvas.Draw( 0, 0, bmpBackground );
    Listing #3 : Delphi code. Download code3 (0.16 KB).
  4. Finally insert the following code in to the "FormDestroy" event ("OnDestroy" event):
    Listing #4 : Delphi code. Download code4 (0.15 KB).