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Saturday, August 11, 2012


If your program needs all the attention of the computer, you might want to temporarily turn off screen savers -- at lease while your program is running. Rather than actually disabling and enabling the Windows screen saver, you can simply tell Windows that you've already handled the call for the default screen saver -- SC_SCREENSAVE.
Insert the following code into the "Public declarations" section of your main form: 

procedure AppMessage(
      var Msg : TMsg;
      var bHandled : boolean );
In the "implementation" section, insert the following code (don't forget to change TForm1 to the [type] name of your form): 
procedure TForm1.AppMessage(
  var Msg : TMsg;
  var bHandled : boolean );
  if((WM_SYSCOMMAND = Msg.Message) and
     (SC_SCREENSAVE = Msg.wParam) )then
    bHandled := True;