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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to retrieve a list of running processes from DOS

Be aware of what processes are running on your computer is a great thing. This to understand what is going on on your machine, but also to report some unexpected behaviour to experts who are in many forums, ready to help you. One of the first things you could be asked by people willing to help you identify an issue on your PC is a complete list of your running processes. Retrieving such a piece of information is quite easy since it is sufficient to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and click Start Task Manager to open a window showing you all the running processes on your Windows. But how write them on a .txt or .doc file in a couple of steps? Just follow this trick.

  1. First of all, gain access to the Command Prompt. Click on Start, on the Search Bar type Command Prompt and hit Enter. You should now be able to see the famous black window.
  2. Execute this command: wmic process get description,executablepath
  3. To create a textfile (.txt) execute this code: wmic /output:d:\process.txt process get description,executablepath
  4. Done!