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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Stop any Process/Task from DOS-Prompt

What do you think ALT+CTRL+DEL is the only solution to stop a process/application or service running in Microsoft Windows OS, I am sure most of you will be doing this when ever they get stuck and their PC gets hanged. Besides getting help from Task Manager there are other ways  and one of them is DOS Prompt.
  1. Go to Dos-Prompt from Start Menu->Run (Type CMD here).
  2. Write TASKLIST and press enter, this will show you all the current running processes/applications/tasks. (As shown)tasklist How to Stop any Process/Task from DOS Prompt
  3. Look for the process/task you want to stop and note its PID number.
  4. Suppose you are willing to stop the processe GoogleUpdate.exe (PID No. 2016). You have to enter the command taskkill /PID 2016 and then hit Enter.
Thats it you are done.